July 23, 2009

Vendor Meal Etiquette

Q: "Do I need to have a table in the main ballroom for the vendors?"

A: Nope! It is not necessary or expected. Your vendors have very little time to sit down and eat during your wedding, so the majority of the night, you'll have an empty table. This is also a good time for the vendors to sit, chat, and network about the business, which we may not be able to do as easily in the ballroom. There's no need to purchase additional escort cards, centerpieces, linens, china, etc. to accommodate your vendors. Speak with your venue contact in advance and set up a vendor table in a back room or in the cocktail space. What you feed your vendors is also up to you and your venue. Some venues give the option of the same food as the guests are eating, while others opt for a boxed-meal for a smaller fee. Make sure to check your contracts, as many wedding professionals have clauses about meals.

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