December 08, 2008

Featured Vendor

Pink's Party Planning!

Last week, my best friend had her birthday party run by Pink's Party Planning at the Pink Comb Salon in Nutley NJ. It was an AMAZING night and I have to pass on the concept because it's a great idea not only for birthdays, but also for bachelorette parties, bridal showers, or a "thank you" for your bridal party! We went to the salon on a Saturday night and had our choice of getting our hair done, makeup done, a manicure or a pedicure. They had food, drinks, and best of all: PINK CHAMPAGNE! Which I can assure you was the first thing to go!

The GORGEOUS Pink Comb Salon, location of Pink's Party Planning Events!
Pink's Party Planning is owned and run by Alana Michaels. She's really the shining star of the parties. Her bubbly personality makes the parties SO much fun. Get to know her a little bit better:

Name: Alana C. Michaels

Business: Pink’s Party Planning

Location: Pink Comb Salon- 89 Franklin Ave, Nutley, NJ 07110

Type of Vendor: Pink's Party Planning is a one-of-a-kind, full-service planning company that works closely with clients to plan every aspect of your Pink Party to reflect your personality. These beauty parties are exclusive to Pink Comb beauty salon, allowing you and all of your guests’ full access to our salon from start to finish of your Pink Party! We specialize in birthday parties, bridal beauty, and bachelorette parties, our salon is the perfect environment for an unforgettable GIRLS NIGHT OUT-for ALL Ages!!!

How Long In Business: Pink’s Party Planning is a baby! It was born when Pink Comb Salon opened it’s doors, this past August 2008!!

Work Style: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun! Energy and Enthusiasm (Double E’s)…is my key to success! I love to create a party atmosphere making my client and her guests feel like royalty the minute they walk through the doors of Pink Comb Salon. I base my parties around my client’s personality, if they are very laid-back and low-maintenance, that is how I run the party; a calm and relaxing mani/pedi package perhaps? If I know I have a bunch of wild girls about to head out on the town…I know to have the extra bottles of bubbly ready and waiting! No matter what the occasion, these are beauty parties made to make every person who attends, feel like the most beautiful and pampered girl in the world!!

Training: Guess you can say I am a natural-born party-planner. Whether it was planning my own Sweet 16, my sister’s bridal shower, my mother’s 50th birthday party, or my baby cousin’s baptism. Not only did I have a blast creating the invitations, coming up with a theme, organizing the menu, or making the party favors, but the party itself was always the best pay-off of all! My educational background is in Communications/Theater, and I also work as an Assistant Theater Director, so I treat every party like a theater production, I want to “WOW” my audience as soon as the curtain goes up!

Favorite Color: PINK…haha, but I guess that’s the obvious one! I also REALLY love teal and brown...

Sports Team: Well my fiancĂ© is a huge Giants fan…so …"Yeah G-Men”…but honestly, I would much rather watch any reality show or a marathon of Law & Order SVU before I sit through an entire sporting game!!

Languages: I am actually proficient in Sign Language, I took some classes in it in college and I have two family friends who are deaf, and I couldn’t stand not being able to communicate with them!! Sign language is an amazing thing and I encourage everyone to try their hand in it at some point in their life.

Favorite Food: OMG…this list could go on FOR….EV…ER!!!...I Love Italian and Mexican…those are my two FAVES…however, I truly love any and all kinds of food, just eating in general makes me SO HAPPY Hidden Talents or Favorite Hobbies: Hmmm….I can dance like Britney Spears, I love to crochet, practice yoga, and study Astrology…these are not in any certain order!
Home Town: Jefferson Township, NJ

Favorite Place: …I’m hoping I will one day be able to say Italy or Greece (we will be cruising here for our June 2009 Honeymoon so maybe one day soon)…as of now though I have to say I love Southern California. –If only my family could have all moved out there. I would probably still be living in the Golden state!

Pets: TWO KITTIES!! They are my precious babies…Oliver & Elphie (Elphie is named after one of our favorite Broadway show characters: Elpheba in Wicked).

Favorite Holidays: CHRISTMAS!!! I love the music, the family, the cold nip in the air…this all might sound cheesy but I really do believe it makes people feel warm and cuddly inside!! My other favorite holiday is my Birthday, which is Jan. 20th—an Aquarius

Favorite Quote: “The only regrets in Life…are the risks you didn’t take!”

Best Part Of The Job: The glowing faces of my clients the minute the party begins, and the satisfying smiles they always have when the Pink Party has come to an end…it truly is the best feeling ever!!!

Champagne, wine, cheese and looking beautiful: What else could a girl ask for??

We had an amazing time out our Pink's Party and I know you and your bridal party will too. It's the ultimate luxury event. We left feeling so pampered and got compliments all night long! Alana is so much fun to work with and this is an opportunity you can't miss!! Call Alana today or visit her website:! More pictures to follow...

December 05, 2008

Just Flat Out Cool!

My mom and I have a yearly tradition of heading out to Bethlehem, PA around Christmas time to check out Chriskindlmarkt. It's a huge German Market and local vendors sell Christmas stuff! I came across the Stanton's Heraldry booth. Their main display was Christmas Collages, but they had a small wedding section as well. You can get these awesome collages either as a present for another couple or for your own wedding photos. The quality is awesome. They have a ton of different choices: wedding collages, collages where you can include your invitation, collages that combine both of your family crests, and wedding blessing frames. The wood is actually engraved with the designs and your name/date!

Try to ignore the big hair and poufy dresses in these pictures! :-)

Weddings are just a small portion of the collages they create. They have military collages, Disney World collages, holiday collages, and so much more! Check out Stanton's Heraldry,!

October 19, 2008

Rhonda & Paul

Yesterday I got the opportunity to work with Paul & Rhonda. They had a gorgeous day for their fall wedding! Here are some shots from their day!

Rhonda was such a good sport and took these awesome shots with her step-dad Pat on their snowmobile. Rhonda was not afraid to let her fun personality shine through into her photos.

Congratulations, Paul & Rhonda! Have a great time on your honeymoon!
Pro pictures to follow.

October 15, 2008


Typically, wedding bloopers make me cringe, not laugh. But this one made me laugh outloud and I couldn't stop myself from passing it along :-)

October 06, 2008

Just Flat Out Cool!

A few weeks ago I attended a Jenny Yoo fashion show. They had some sample tables set up for the exhibiting vendors to show off their work. Upon entering, we had to find our placecard. Each placecard was a tiny little book. Then, all of the table numbers on each table were larger versions, all with pictures of various couples. They are definitely a unique take on the typical placecards! Suze Co makes them -- and a few other similar products that you could incorporate into your wedding:

Table Numbers

You can fill the cocktail hour space with different portaits of you, your familys, and the bridal party!

This would also be a really great idea for a small affair like a rehearsal dinner or bridal show. You could choose photos of you with each guest to make it a more personal momento of the occasion!

Check out the Suze Co website!

September 27, 2008

Challiz & Andre!

Here are some really quick shots that I took at Challiz & Andre's wedding today! They had a perfect day. The rain held out while we got some awesome shots at the train station in Liberty State Park! Professional pictures to follow in about two weeks!

Challiz and Andre: Have a great trip to Costa Rica!

Wedding Today!

I am so excited about the wedding I am working on today. They are using almost all of my recommended vendors (which, for a wedding planner, makes me want to do a little happy dance), it's at one of my FAVORITE locations of all time, I love the couple, and I love every single detail of this wedding. Check out their Save The Date's below:

Check back in about two weeks for their full wedding pictures! I'll post some more shots that I get tonight and keep your fingers crossed that the rain holds out for them!

September 16, 2008

Featured Vendor

Allison Coya Hand Crafted Jewelry

I recently got a call from Allison Coya of Allison Coya Hand Crafted Jewelry. Allison creates custom jewelry for weddings and special events. Rather than searching for that perfect piece of jewelry, you can tell Allison your vision and she will create it for you. I love this because oftentimes you find jewelry that you like but it either doesn't match perfectly, clashes with your dress, isn't the right size, etc. It's a great gift not only for the bride, but for attendants as well. The bride can custom create jewelry that goes along with the bridesmaids dresses and the attendants will get to keep their original piece of jewelry designed just for them. Here are some samples of her work and a little bit more about Allison!
Name: Allison Coya
Business: Allison Coya Hand-Crafted Jewelry
Website: I’m putting together something…I’ll keep you posted…
Location: Upper Saddle River, NJ
Type of Vendor: Custom make stylish jewelry using the finest semi-precious stones, cultured pearls, Swarovski crystals, silver and gold. My business is made to order and is not mass produced….which makes my pieces unique and my business very personal.
How Long In Business: 7 years…it started as a side business while I was working at the New York Stock Exchange, but has since turned into my main business.
Work Style: I’m very laid back, but very driven and I’m a perfectionist...I hold myself to the highest standards. I give myself early deadlines so my clients don’t have to think about when they are getting their jewelry…brides, especially, have enough to think about! My style is very hands on…I like to involve my clients in design aspects of the jewelry, which also makes the experience more special.
Training: Mostly self taught, but I did take a series of jewelry classes at FIT. Other than that, I have a Business Administration degree from Fordham. :)
Favorite Color: Red, but I also love Orange…fiery colors are my favorite!
Sports Team: Mets, Giants
Languages: English, but I would love to speak Spanish and Italian too!
Favorite Food: Oh, I can’t just pick one…I love food!
Hidden Talents or Favorite Hobbies: I love to make jewelry…it’s my passion! I also love to snowboard with my husband, but haven’t gone in a few years. Traveling is one of my favorite things to do too.
Home Town: East Meadow, NY…I’m a Long Island girl!
Favorite Place: St. Bart’s….that’s where my husband and I went on our honeymoon and hope to go back someday.
Pets: None, I have 2 small children…that’s enough to take care of and clean up after!
Favorite Holidays: Christmas…it’s just a magical time of the year.
Favorite Quote: “Everything happens for a reason.”
Best Part Of The Job: The excitement when people see the finished product is definitely the best for me, but I really enjoy the whole experience of working with someone. Weddings are definitely my favorite! It’s such an exceptional time in a woman’s life and I love creating beautiful jewelry for brides and bridesmaids that they’ll always have, wear again and remember the sentiment behind it.

I think this necklace is gorgeous! It would go with just about anything and you could wear it over and over again.

I love the gold accents on the necklace. It'd look so great with a formal gold and brown wedding. That gold gives it a subtle pop without being too much.

I love all things pink - this is by far my favorite necklace!

If you'd like to work with Allison on some jewelry for your wedding or upcoming special event, you can email her at, or contact us for more information, Tell Allison that we sent you!

September 15, 2008

Save The Dates

My best friend Jannet got engaged in early August. She'll be getting married next summer on the beach in Long Branch, NJ. The anchor will be one of the central themes to her wedding. She volunteered to be the guinea pig on my first project with Jill from Peekaboo Paperie (see below). I can't take any of the design credit on this, it was all Jill, but check out how amazing her choices came out:

In the end, Jannet decided to go with this design:

Keep checking back for more collaborations between As You Wish & Peekaboo Paperie. To have us work on a project for your wedding, email us at

Photo credit: Tania Lezak Photography.