January 24, 2008

Reader Q & A

Q: My parents and his parents are willing to pay for most of our wedding. What do my parents pay for and what do his parents pay for? Should we just split everything?

A: You need to sit with both sets of parents and make sure that they have the same cost range in mind when it comes to paying for your wedding. If they are going to contribute the same amount, splitting it could be the way to go. Traditionally though, here is what each side should pay for:

These are the main items in a wedding. Most other smaller costs (postage for invitations,

The Bride Pays For:
The Groom's Wedding Band
Gifts for her Bridal Party
A Wedding Gift for the Groom
Accommodations and Travel Expenses for Bridesmaids (Optional)

The Groom Pays For:
The Bride's Engagement Ring and Wedding Band
The Honeymoon
A Wedding Gift for the Bride
The Marriage License
The Grooms Men's Gifts
Accommodations and Travel Expenses for Grooms Men (Optional)

The Groom's Family Pays For:
All Beverages at the Reception
Wedding Transportation
The Groom’s Tux
Rehearsal Dinner
Officiate Fee

The Bride's Family Pays For:
All Reception Costs, minus the Bar
Bride's Wedding Dress and Accessories
Wedding Stationary -- including Save The Dates, Invitations, Thank You Notes
Ceremony Costs
Post Wedding Brunch
All Wedding Flowers

The Bridal Party Pays For:
Bridesmaids Dresses/Tuxedos
Accommodations and Travel Expenses (Could also be paid for by Bride & Groom)

Keep in mind that it is much easier to get all the facts about what each party can afford to pay before jumping the gun and making any decisions that you could regret later on. Hold a meeting with both sides separately and create a detailed budget so that you know how much you have to spend on each category.

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