October 06, 2008

Just Flat Out Cool!

A few weeks ago I attended a Jenny Yoo fashion show. They had some sample tables set up for the exhibiting vendors to show off their work. Upon entering, we had to find our placecard. Each placecard was a tiny little book. Then, all of the table numbers on each table were larger versions, all with pictures of various couples. They are definitely a unique take on the typical placecards! Suze Co makes them -- and a few other similar products that you could incorporate into your wedding:

Table Numbers

You can fill the cocktail hour space with different portaits of you, your familys, and the bridal party!

This would also be a really great idea for a small affair like a rehearsal dinner or bridal show. You could choose photos of you with each guest to make it a more personal momento of the occasion!

Check out the Suze Co website!