February 05, 2008

Just Flat Out Cool!

Green weddings are becoming increasingly popular. A 100% Green wedding can be more expensive, but it can't hurt to add one or two Green elements. Check out http://www.plantamemory.com/greenweddings.html. Plant A Memory offers many different favors that are environmentally friendly:

These cones are "plantable." After the wedding, guests can take these home and plant them in the ground to grow.

Live Tree Seedlings

There are many different motifs you can choose from. You'll be able to incorporate any wedding theme you have onto your favors or Thank You's.

White boxes and ribbons can be ordered to match any decor scheme you choose.

Plant A Memory also offers honey, soap, candy, coasters, and many other wedding accessories. Check them out at www.plantamemory.com. Favors start at $1.

Have any other great vendors or ideas to incorporate into a Green wedding? Email us at Stacey@asyouwishwed.biz or leave a comment!