September 15, 2008

Save The Dates

My best friend Jannet got engaged in early August. She'll be getting married next summer on the beach in Long Branch, NJ. The anchor will be one of the central themes to her wedding. She volunteered to be the guinea pig on my first project with Jill from Peekaboo Paperie (see below). I can't take any of the design credit on this, it was all Jill, but check out how amazing her choices came out:

In the end, Jannet decided to go with this design:

Keep checking back for more collaborations between As You Wish & Peekaboo Paperie. To have us work on a project for your wedding, email us at

Photo credit: Tania Lezak Photography.


Jannet said...

always willing to be your guinea pig! =) You guys are awesome!

Sarah said...

again, i can't say enough about the great collaboration that will be when your company and jill's company take flight together. congratulations!