July 22, 2009

Cupcake Photography Contest

My friends Jannet, Angela, and I are obsessed with cupcakes. Everywhere we go, we eat cupcakes. It's a topic of conversation every time we get together. We have a plan to someday travel the country eating cupcakes and blogging about it. A regular feature on this blog will be cupcakes - so this post is just the beginning. I can't think of a better way to spend Wellness Wednesday than by looking at (and hopefully eating!) cupcakes. This week, I want to share a cupcake contest. Baked By Melissa bakes mini-cupcakes that are to-die-for. I love their small size because you get to indulge without completely over doing it.

Baked By Melissa is running a photography contest. Take a picture with their cupcakes and you could win $500 and 100 cupcakes! Entries must be sent in by August 15. I am going on a Caribbean cruise for vacation on August 13th and am planning to bring the cupcakes with me on board and get some awesome shots to send in! This contest is the perfect excuse to indulge!

If you know of any great cupcake recipes or bakeries anywhere in the country, please let me know! There will be many more cupcake posts to come! I hope you enjoy your Wellness Wednesdays and take a little time for YOU!

photo courtesy of killahbeez.com

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Angela said...

yeah cupcakes!! we are obsessed aren't we...I will be checking out a new bakery in DC this weekend..stay tuned for photos :)