July 24, 2009

Lantern Wedding Centerpieces

The image above was taken at Michelle & Dan's wedding last weekend at the Stone House at Stirling Ridge. Their flowers were done by the incredible, sweet, lovely Laura Clare. I loved that Michelle incorporated lanterns into her centerpieces. I had been checking out these gorgeous Moroccan Lanterns from Wedding Table Decor and Michelle's centerpieces are the perfect inspiration and time to share them!

Mid White Moroccan Lantern

Moroccan Design Amber Glass Lantern

Moroccan Lantern with Blue Glass

White Fancy Lantern with Stand

Yellow Glass Moroccan Lantern

Don't be afraid to incorporate non-floral items and splashes of color into your centerpieces! I love the amber and blue glass in these!

Head over to check out more photo's of Michelle & Dan's wedding by the fabulous Kella MacPhee. I love the sparkler pictures!

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