December 31, 2009

Cotton Candy Cosmo Signature Drink!

A few weeks ago during lunch at TGI Fridays, I discovered the Pink Punk Cosmo (which led to this Cotton Candy Wedding Inspiration Board.) It's essentially a regular old cosmo, but your martini glass comes with fluffy cotton candy inside, which disintegrates into the cosmo once it's poured. This is such a fun idea to use in your wedding with your signature drink. The cotton candy just adds a hint of sweetness, so you could really do this with any drink without altering the flavor. Don't hesitate to play around with the drink or the color. This could easily be adapted with yellow cotton candy and a lemon drop martini or blue cotton candy with a blue lagoon!

Here is how the do it at TGI Fridays!



Tom said...

Pretty amazing! Sounds like it would taste good also! As the manager of a wedding venue in Birmingham AL, I find this a very interesting idea. Now... how do I find a cotton candy machine!

As You Wish said...


In the past, we have either rented cotton candy machines OR gotten the bulk bags from a Costco or BJs type of club. Since it's so fluffy, it goes a long way and I can assure you it makes a huge impact on the guests. If you try it, make sure to let me know how it goes!

Dee Lawrence said...

This is a super idea. I've seen this done at the higher end restaurants and as a bartender I am always looking to add a twist to my arsenal.

Anonymous said...

These are so good. Beyond yummy, my mother-in-law ordered it for me for my birthday. You don't even taste the alcohol. =)