July 24, 2010

Reader Question: Should I invite all my bridesmaids dress shopping?

Question: I have a large bridal party of six girls. I am having a hard time coordination schedules. Is it important to have all of my bridal party with me when I go dress shopping for my dress and their bridesmaid dresses?

Answer: Having a group of your nearest and dearest friends and family members seems like the ideal way to pick out dresses. In reality, it can be a huge stress. With so many people, it's unlikely you will easily find a date when everyone can attend. More importantly, when you have too many people you have too many opinions. Oftentimes you'll end up going with what the group thinks you should buy over what you really want. Although their opinions are valuable, it is your wedding. Bring your mom, Maid of Honor, or close friend. Narrow it down to a few choices and then bring the other girls in for the final decision.

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