July 10, 2009

Best Bridesmaids Dresses!

This past year has been the first year of my friends getting married in full force. I have personally come into contact with many bridesmaids dresses - the good, the bad, and the ugly. I won't get into which is which, but I have to gush about the dress I wore last week. It was comfortable, beautiful, and we got SO many compliments on it. Two Birds Bridesmaids dresses are a bridesmaid's dream. It's one dress, but convertible. You can tie it ten different ways (although we came across way more than ten if you get a little creative!) and it's one size fits all. I had a tough time believing that one size fits all, but it really is true.

I love this dress so that much that I already have my eye on this gorgeous champagne color!

There are so many colors available. They also offer two lengths: long and short. A pregnancy size is now available as well as a bandeau top to make bigger busted girls more comfortable.

This is the "Caroline" style - the way I chose to wear my dress for the wedding.

I love the bow tied around the neck in this photo. Next time I wear the dress, I am going to tie it that way!

We purchased our dresses from Bella Bridesmaid in Madison NJ. They were great to work with and we got the dresses earlier than expected.

If you like that idea but not this specific dress or price tag, you can find similar alternatives at Butter by Nadia and Victoria's Secret!

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