October 25, 2007

Just Flat Out Cool!

You have spent (or will spend) countless hours making sure that you choose the perfect wedding stationary. You'll find the perfect Save The Dates, Invitations, and Thank You Cards. So much time and effort will be out into the color scheme, fonts, and calligraphy. Little to no time will be spent on the stamp. After all that work, do you really want to ruin the effect of the beautiful writing by putting an ugly orange quail stamp next to it? Nope!

Check out this website: http://www.pictureitpostage.com/. Click the "Get Inspired" tab and head to the Wedding Section. You can customize your stamp to match the theme of your wedding stationary! If you're doing a themed Save The Date, include a coordinating graphic. On your Thank You Notes, include a wedding photo! If nothing else, pick something plain that doesn't clash with that great first impression your invitation is making.

If custom stamps aren't in your budget, head over to http://www.usps.com/ and choose the Wedding Heart stamps...anything to avoid that quail!

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