October 17, 2007

Just Flat Out Cool!

Picture This: Your boyfriend invites you over for dinner at his place. He cooks you his specialty: hamburgers and hot dogs hot off the grill. (What did you expect?) But when he puts his Oscar Mayer specialty down in front of you, you notice that this dog is wearing something other than mustard. Something big and shiny. It's a diamond ring, right around the hot dog. Your mind blanks out, and when you come to, he's down on one knee saying, "I want to be your weiner for the rest of our lives." Although cheesily poetic, it wasn't quite what you had imagined.

Now, Picture this: You and your boyfriend are on your annual apple and pumpkin picking fall excursion. After a long day of hauling pumpkins that you'll never carve and apples that you'll never eat, you decide to take the hay-ride back and enjoy some apple cider and donuts. When you get there, one of the picnic tables is beautifully decorated. Upon further examination, you realize that not only are there cider and donuts, but your favorite wine is on the table. There is a place card with your name on it. The table is dressed in all of your favorite colors and favorite things about fall: your favorite season. Your boyfriend sits down at the table, and invites you to join him. A crowd starts to gather around you, as your boyfriend slowly moves from his seat and gets down on one knee. He professes his love for you, places a gigantic rock on your finger, and everyone around you starts clapping and cheering. Suddenly, you realize that there are paparazzi like flashes all around you. He has even arranged for a photographer to secretly follow you all day, so that every moment would be captured. Much better.

The day a girl gets proposed to is one of the best, if not the best, day of her life. Although guys are fantastic, sometimes they need a little help with romance and details. We just launched a "Proposal Planning" package. You may be thinking of the TLC show of the same name from a few years ago. And I'll be honest, I loved that show and that's exactly what inspired me to create this package. Proposal #2 was our first creation. All he did was come up with the idea, buy the ring, and show up. We especially loved how he had a photographer capture the day. We'll help you do all of the secret dirty work for your proposal. You come up with the idea (we can even help with that) and we'll make it happen. Brides: Don't you want your single friends to have an amazing proposal just like you did? Tell their boyfriends! Have them contact us today.

We want to hear all about how your fiance's proposed to you. Please leave us comments with your proposal stories, or email us at stacey@asyouwishwed.biz. Keep checking back as more people leave their stories!

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