October 13, 2007

Featured Vendor!

It's our first Featured Vendor post! Before highlighting anyone else's work, I figured it'd be best to feature myself. Not only as a shameless plug, but so that you get to know the person writing this blog! All of the Featured Vendor posts will be in the same format. Some questions are serious, some questions are fun. Send us suggestions on questions you'd like to see vendors asked in the future! So, here it goes:

Name: Stacey Kallenberg

Business: As You Wish Wedding & Event Design

Website: www.asyouwishwed.biz

Location: Northern, NJ and serving New York City, the Hudson Valley, Connecticut, and all destination locations

Type of Vendor: Wedding and Event Coordinator

How Long In Business: We just passed our one year anniversary

Work Style: Your wedding day is one of the most personal days of your life, so I like to make sure that all of my clients include as many personal touches to their big day as possible. I help them to look past the wedding magazines and trends and help them discover and incorporate details important to them as a couple

Training: I got my Business Degree from Sacred Heart University and a Certification from the Association of Certified Professional Wedding Consultants. From there I worked for the amazingly brilliant and talented Andrea D’Angelo over at New York Event Planning & Design. I learned almost everything I know in the short time I worked with her. My success and any future success I may have is because of her. I tried out the corporate event planning thing afterwards and realized it wasn’t for me, so I started up As You Wish! Nothing better than doing what you love while being your own boss!

Favorite Color: Pink, Green, and Brown

Sports Team: the Giants! Blue blood runs through my veins!

Languages: I spoke French fluently in high school and missed it so much recently that I bought a ton of French Language CD's and practice in the car (Yep, I'm that girl you drive by who is literally having a conversation with herself!)

Favorite Food: Bruschetta and Eggplant Parm – anything with garlic!

Hidden Talents or Favorite Hobbies: I love cake decorating in my spare time and I'm starting to take up photography -- I aspire to be all of the other professionals in my field!

Home Town: Third generation of family from Midland Park, NJ – and third generation of family still living in my house!

Favorite Place: my bed, my hot tub, Paris, and St. Maarten

Pets: A Soft Coated Wheaton Terrier named Abby, but dreaming about a new Yorkie or Dachshund soon

Favorite Holidays:
I love all holidays – but I am a Christmas fanatic! Halloween is a close second

Favorite Quote: “Only she who attempts the absurd can achieve the impossible…”

Best Part Of The Job: Leaving a wedding that went completely flawlessly, with a happy bride and groom who got the wedding of their dreams! Oh, and going to parties for a living isn't so bad either ;)


Roberto Falck said...

This is a great idea!
Look forward to seeing new entries.

Keep it up.

AMS in Ridgewood said...

Reading this makes me even happier you are going to work with us on our wedding - I feel like you are an old friend already!

Can't wait to "meet" some of your vendors.